With great pleasure we are announcing the results of the qualifications for the INTERNATIONAL BURNINGATE CUP. #IBC2018
For various reasons (work, injuries or schedule) 5 preselected atlhetes won’t be able to participate. We want to thank anyway Eryc Ortiz, Daniels Laizans, Luis Becker Garnier, Sergio Ordoñez de Torres Raúl, Villarreal Martínez.

Therefore the available qualification slots are incrased from 12 to 17.

Nikolas Chan 26,53;
Gianluca Di Stefano 23,96;
Erik Barsi  22,28;
Ruben Tobalo Romero 21,75;
Juan Diego Gómez Moreno 19,02;
Luca Bianchini 19,01;
Alex Berinskyy 18,38;
Valentin Blanc 17,56;
Joel trulls marchuet 17,46;
Luka Šimić 16,95;
Hermes Balbo 16,87;
Stefano Robert 16,75;
Kaloyan Hristov 15,75;
Andrea Trebbi 15,74;
Nemanja Tomasevic 15,72;
Joel Jesús Alonso Hernández 13,07;
Christian Innocenti 12,68.

1° replacement Christian Palumbi 12,52;
2° replacement Manuel Di Campli 12,01;
Piotrek Wodka 11,17;
Antoine Lacotte 10,65;
Franco Di Pierro 9,91;
Gregori Massella 9,03;
Sebastiano Tripoli 8,99;
Samuel Blasco 8,15;
Guillaume Brignone 8,12;
Erik Il Drago Lugli 6,75;
Eric Chryssaphopoulos 3,92;
Gabriel Elisei 2,90.

One last advice for all of the athletes.
There is little time until the competiton, be sure to carefully read one more time the code of rules, if you have any doubts don’t hesitate to ask. For any question about the competition you can ask on this email: [email protected]

Versione Italiana : Regolamento International Burningate Cup 2018

English Version: Calisthenics Technical Regulation IBC2018

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